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20-03-2010 – Talking about stress management and getting second assignment done…
March 22, 2010, 2:23 pm
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        I learned about ‘stress’ in ZZZT 2143 Penjagaan Kesihatan Diri last week. Today, I will like to take this opportunity to share with everyone stress management tips that I found in a website. Stress is something that causes us to spin our wheels and keeps us from concentrating. The first tip in managing stress is to recognize your stressors. The next step is to put each of them in their place. After that, you may take a deep breath to maintain your composure. For more information, you may visit http://www.stressmanagementtips.com/tips.htm

                                         in stress management. 😉


        Today, Edmond and I managed to finish our second assignment. That is really a great relief for us as we still have lots of other assignments to do. Although we finished it in one day, we put in lots of efforts in it. We started doing our assignment at 10am in the morning and finished it at 5pm. We stayed in the cafe to do the assignment.

        We were quite satisfied with the outcome of our effort from morning till evening. We produced flip chart that we think is useful for our practicum in May because the contents of the flip chart are connected to the learning outcome found in Form Three Curriculum Specification.


16-03-2010 – TWO IN ONE (2 Assignments in 1 Day) & Congratulating Datuk Lee
March 16, 2010, 3:26 am
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        Today, I continued with my progress on both assignments – preparation of teaching aids and video shooting. After watching the scenes that we acted last week, we found out that there were a few scenes that needed to be improved. So, we had another shooting section today.

        After finishing our video shooting, Edmond and I had discussion on our teaching aids’ assignment which has to be done in pairs. We had almost done our first teaching aid. We are moving towards finding data for our second teaching aid. Completing second teaching aid is harder than completing than the first teaching aid. It is because second teaching aid needs more creativity and effort. However, Edmond and I are confident that we can do it. 🙂

        Last but not least, I will like to congratulate Datuk Lee Chong Wei through my post for his success to be the champion of All England men’s singles. I am really proud of him. He is my idol since Form 2. I hope he will continue to bring honours to Malaysia. 😉

10-03-2010 – ‘Beautifying’ my blog and Introducing a Song
March 10, 2010, 5:04 am
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I will like to introduce a song through this post. The title of the song is “Where is the love”. Black eyed Peas sang the song. This song is very significant because the quality of world is deteriorating as there are more and more wars getting around people and a lot of people died because of wars. The value of love loses through the wars. Therefore, this song attempts to raise awareness among people towards the cruelty of wars and emphasize the importance of love among people. The lyrics of the song can be found in the page. You may click to the link below to listen to the song. Hope you will appreciate and enjoy the song. :).
Click here to listen to the song 😉

        Today, there is a special eagerness in me that urges me to take a move towards ‘beautifying’ my blog. I have a special interest in exploring and finding out more about wordpress. I find creating a wordpress account and writing blogs about myself as well as my daily activities useful for me because I get to reflect what I had done and reminisce all those great memories.

        GGGE 2153 Educational technology is a useful subject because it gives me confidence in IT aspect. I had very low self-confidence in IT before and I always had to ask my friends for help regarding the matters in computer. However, now, after having a blog by my own, sometimes, my friends even ask me for help, especially when they find out that something that I put in my blog is interesting and they want me to teach them so that they can put it in their blogs as well.

        I insert pages in my blog besides posts. All those who read my posts are welcomed to have a look on my pages as well. :).. So far, there are two pages in my blog – ‘Sky high’ and ‘You will never walk alone’. I include my opinions and reflections in my pages. 😉

09-03-2010 – Another progress on video assignment
March 9, 2010, 4:23 pm
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        Do you have a lovely day today? Is there anything that troubles you? Put it aside and begin you day with a SMILE on your face.. HAVE A LOVELY DAY! 😉

        Today, Amara, Visha and I had our video shooting scenes in our hostel (Girls’ hostel). Edmond was not joining us because the scene was in girls’ hostel. I was the camerawoman when I was not acting. On the other hand, Amara was the camerawoman when I was acting and she was not acting. We gained very great experience acting together.. :).. Although Edmond did not act, he showed concern towards our progress.

        I am very glad that my group members are very cooperative. We really had fun together.. We finished all our scenes today after 3 times of shooting. After finishing the shooting scenes, there are other jobs awaiting us- combining the scenes, editing the video and so on. Hope that will be another great experience for us.. Again, C.A.V.E, GO!!! 😉

       A video of cooperative learning is inserted in this post below because I think that it will be quite useful for me as I will be having my practicum on May. Knowing more about cooperative learning will help me in managing my students in school. 😉

23-02-2010 – Progress on third assignment (VIDEO)
February 23, 2010, 3:21 am
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 Today, Edmond, Visha, Amara and I set up dates and times for our video shooting. We would get three scenes done today. We had already divided jobs among us and we hope video shooting process for today would be a great success. Good luck, C.A.V.E!  🙂

09-02-2010 – Progress on Second Assignment
February 9, 2010, 12:51 am
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         Today, Cik Aidah gave us freedom to do whatever we wanted but it must be connected with our assignment. So, my friend and I decided to have a discussion on our second assignment. We had already decided on what materials to buy and we already had a rough idea on what we are going to do.

        In the first meeting, we decided to do flip chart, flash cards and an album to keep flash cards. However, we found out that flash cards are not so suitable for secondary school students (we are going to have our practicum in secondary schools) so we decided to change our plan to doing flip chart, puzzle and a box to keep puzzles. We hope we will be able to do excellently for this assignment as for teachers, producing teaching aids is something inevitable in daily lives.

        Chinese new year is approaching. I am craving to go back to Bintulu to celebrate Chinese new year with my family. I will only go back on the first day of Chinese New Year because the air ticket on Chinese New Year Eve was far too expensive. This is going to be the first time for me not having reunion dinner with my family. I make up my mind to buy air tickets as early as I can next time so that I can get cheap tickets and can go back on the day that I desire. 🙂

02-02-2010 – Writing about Key to happiness & discussion on second assignment
February 3, 2010, 5:34 am
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        Happiness is the key to success but do you know what is the key to happiness? I find something interesting through internet and will like to share with everyone through this post. I find the sentence above very useful in encouraging kids as well as adults in everyday lives. To be happy means to move on and put aside the imperfections. Let us strive for our own success! 🙂

        Today, we had our discussion for our second assignment, which requires us to produce teaching tools that will be useful for our future teaching in school. At first, we thought that we had to do that assignment individually. However, most of us prefered to do it in pairs or in groups instead of doing it individually because we hold the opinion that if we do it in pairs or in groups, most probably we will produce better results than doing it alone.

        Olivia asked Cik Aidah whether we could do it in pairs. Cik Aidah decided to call Puan Rosseni and ask for her opinion. Puan Rosseni gave permission for us to do it in pairs and all of us were very happy with that. 😉

        My partner, Edmond and I decided to produce flash cards, flip chart and an album designed for the purpose of storing flash cards. We hope our second assignment will be a success. I had the experience of producing teaching aids while I was in Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang in Kuching, Sarawak one year ago. I hope my experience will lead me towards the path of success in the second assignment.. 🙂